Discover How Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion can Be Forced to REMOVE Your Negative Credit! ? You’ve had enough. Let us make credit repair easy for you!


What you need to know about credit!

Credit bureaus are not Federally owned, they are third parties that get paid by creditors reporting items on your credit report and paid more when these same creditors pull your credit report. Creditors charge you a higher interest rate because of the negative items that are placed on your report. The problem with this method of reporting is that ANY CREDITOR can in actual fact report whatever they want about you whether it is correct or not. There is an obvious conflict of interest going on here don’t you agree? Credit Shrink will fight for your rights while you sit back and win!

Why Credit Shrink?

Credit Shrink offers proven services with a long commitment to credit correction research and development. Our combative strategies have been tested and proven effective to get your credit score back on its feet fast and done right the first time! Click Here to see what a credit report looks like after negative items have been deleted using Credit Shrink’s methods.


What to Watch Out For!

Settling or consolidating your debt has a negative impact on your credit and finances. Credit Shrink can help you make a better decision that will avoid the added stress of making monthly payments or lump sum amounts to these companies, only to have bad credit in return. What they don’t tell you is that you can be taxed on the difference of these lump sums! Ask Credit Shrink what to do if you have settled, or consolidated a debt with regret.

Get Educated! Credit Shrink knows your rights.

The law affords consumer rights, while Credit Shrink exercises these laws to get what’s rightfully yours. If you study Federal law and the case law established in various court cases pertaining to the FCRA you will see the law requires the credit reporting agencies to verify both valid and non-valid information to the consumer. The truth is:
They NEVER Have The “Verifiable Proof” on file that the law requires them to have. NEVER!
Click Here to read more about the FCRA statutes